15 Mobile Lightroom Presets – Summer Pack

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Summer presets great for bloggers, photographers, and everyone who aims to create a consistent theme on Instagram or personal photography with easily applied filter. Perfect for outdoor photography, tropical travels, beach, and blue sea.
Create WOW photos that look good on-screen to grow your Social media following! Ideal for creating stand-out photos of your memories for printing and hanging on your wall or photo-book.


● PDF with direct link to download from your mobile (no zip files)
● Work with iPhone and Android devices. You just need to download the Free Lightroom Mobile App
● Easy to apply, with just one click

● Instant download files
● Step-by-step illustrated guide PDF
● Video instructions files can be downloaded immediately after the payment is received.


Kindly note:

All of our presets have been tested on a variety of different images and in most cases create an amazing look with just one click.
Presets will look differently on all images depending on lighting situations and background colors.
It is normal to make some adjustments after applying a preset. If you need help with editing just contact us!

It is prohibited to sell, distribute, rent, give, sub-license, or otherwise, transfer presets or the right to use presets set to anyone else and will be met with legal action.

8 reviews for 15 Mobile Lightroom Presets – Summer Pack

  1. Riche S.

    My experience thus far is absolutely amazing! I’m excited to post on my social media platforms and presets have made my life so much easier

  2. Eric M.

    This preset has allowed me to get very good results very easily. 👉🏼 Recommended!

  3. Michal M.

    makes a great atmosphere for the photos
    like it!

  4. Jonathan H.

    These presets are game changers, they are great for when you haven’t got the time to edit a photo from scratch. You apply the preset tweek a few settings and you have a banger of a picture.

  5. Enrique M.

    Been looking for this look for quite some time. With just a click, BINGO! It was simple to use and the result was simply stunning.

  6. April A.

    I saw these advertised on Facebook and just had to try them. I am a busy professional photographer who is always looking for ways to speed up work flow. Often times, presets for Lightroom rarely work as they say, so when these few Brown Tones were on sale, I jumped in to give them a try. They came quickly, although the link wasn’t working. I emailed them and within minutes I had a reply and within minutes I was using them. So far I love them. Simple one click and you have bright vibes throughout your image. I do recommend giving them a try. I will be buying more from this company.

  7. Courtney M.

    I love these presets!! So pretty 😍

  8. katarzyna w.

    It was my first time with Presets, i like it very much! Like the colors and 3 possibilities I can choose.

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